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Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare Advice at Downtown A1 Grantham Lincs this         BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY

I am delighted to say that I will be taking our own Rabbits Arthur and Quinn to Downtown on Bank Holiday Monday in their Pet Store and giving any advice on the care and well-being of you Rabbit or Guinea Pig.


They have an extensive and fantastic range of quality pet products throughout their store from the Aquatics range through to our beloved Dogs, Cats and small animals.  Jamie at Downtown has carefully sourced everything in-store.  He has over 20 years experience with his own pets and understands great products when he sees them.


NEW – Hop Inn the Tunnel and Hop Inn the Cube – Toys for Pets

I am delighted that our own Hop Inn pet toys where chosen by Jamie at Downtown.  I also know they are quality and 100% fun as I designed them that way!  Please take a look – Your Rabbits Guinea Pigs Cats and Kittens will love them.

Lisa @ Hop Inn






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