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But more Importantly, a note about Hideaways, in case you weren’t aware.

By providing Rabbits and Guinea Pigs constant access to hiding places within their home/run/space allows them to escape and hide. It’s an inherrent natural behaviour helping them feel safe and secure.  Rabbits and guineas kept outside may also choose to hide to control their temperature to keep warm or to shelter in the shade’.


We’ve had our own lovable Rabbits & Guinea Pigs for the past 20+ years.   I can’t imagine life without them, and hope I’m not alone.  I never tire of wanting to make the lives of rabbits and guinea pigs better.  We’re an avid supporter of the Rabbit Welfare Association in the UK, who work tirelessly to make the lives of rabbits better.  We’ve supported our local Honeybunnies rescue, encouraging to re-home unwanted guinea pigs and rabbits and give them a life they deserve.

In April 2011 I started Hop Inn our beautiful Rabbit and Guinea Pig Holiday Home.  A warm friendly place to stay, with large runs outside and large chicken coops inside – safe for the evenings, cocooned within our large garden/courtyard.  No run was the same, and no indoor hutch was the same.  The only thing they had in common was being large!   It meant I could steam clean and move them about if we had rain or generally bad weather for a few days – it kept them happy and entertained.  With a wealth of knowledge and an incurable love of animals, I couldn’t resist doing this for 10 years.

Along came 2020/21 and plenty of time to contemplate, and forward think.  Sadly, I couldn’t upscale my Holiday Home and find the help I now needed.  Finding myself not getting any younger, coupled with the dilemma of trying to find a work life balance something sadly had to give .  Our garden and patio actually belonged to the rabbits and guinea pigs.  I didn’t mind, of course, and I’m sure our friends loved it!  But it was time to very sadly, close the little doors.

Mid 2021  We’ve been making hideouts for rabbits and guinea pigs for a few years now, and they’ve become very popular, so I found myself concentrating on a new design tunnel.  I had designed and imported tunnels and cubes from abroad, but the quality became worse as time moved on, as the manufacturers ignored the spec, so I sensibly stopped.

Sept 2021 I’ve very nearly finished the pro-type for a new design tunnel, and I’m very hoping it works.   The Rabbits and Guinea Pigs will be the judge of that.  It’ll be all made in the UK, so no nasty surprises with this tunnel!




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About Us
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