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Whether you’re a seasoned bunny parent, a curious cavy connoisseur or feline fancier, welcome.

A little bit about me

Remember dial-up internet and Spice Girls? Yep, that long ago, I was juggling the bustling streets of London with the peaceful countryside life. Back then, I was a product sourcing for QVC.  I know QVC got a lot of flack, in the begining, from questionable jewelry!  It was great my end, I found the quality stuff, but then little people arrived which meant a career change!

2011 – Hop Inn, the smashing rabbit and guinea pig B&B this side of the carrot patch! I loved it (who wouldn’t), but after 12 years of dedicating my life to lots bunnies and guineas I needed a break (and maybe some sleep). I’m not as young as I’d like to be!

The hideaways I designed for Hop Inn? They were perfect for all my guests, except the giant buns and some maxi guineas I looked after.  I did make larger hideouts for them – it would have been very rude not too!

Team – We’re a small team busy making the hideouts, but I do have other lovely practical things in the making – I just need to get a move on!!!

Part of the Family – Mr Pebble, Henry and Cherry out and about with Alfie and Bertie




About Us
About Us
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