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Please make sure your pets have shade, as heat can kill.  We have a South facing garden, so over the years I have worked out the best way for me to keep them cool.

Plenty of fresh water must be available.

For both bunnies and piggies I always put bowls and bottles in the runs.  They can really quench their thirst and have the fluid they need to help cool them down.


I use parasols and old bath towels.  I soak bath towels in water, wring the excess water out and drape them over the run.  This gives them extra shade and if there should be a breeze the air flowing over the towel will provide cool air.  You can buy bath towels from charity shops for £1+; really worth a visit if you’re stuck for what to use.  That’s where I always go.

More Cooling Power Tips

Plastic water bottles 500 ml – 2 litres.  Frozen water bottles popped in their hutch and run will be a great help, they can lie against them and even a breeze will also create that refreshing bit of cool air.  I would freeze 2/3 bottles so you don’t run out.  The larger the bottle the longer they will last in the heat.

I actually have Victorian stone bottles (a little more expensive £12+ to buy off the ‘net).  These were used to keep you warm in the Winter but I top them up with tap water and pop in the freezer. These are also great and keep cool for a long time.  They make great door stops too when you don’t need to use them in the Summer…

Marble or ceramic tiles are also invaluable.  You can pop them in the freezer too and place them inside their hutch or run to keep them cool.

What I Never Use in the Heat

I never use plastic hideouts and tunnels.  Plastic can be very cold in the Winter months and very hot in the Summer months – it’s just the nature of the beast!

Danger Signs

  • Floppy or listless.
  • Breathing heavily.
  • Trying to breathe out of their mouth – very dangerous.


What to Do

  • Quickly take your pet to a cool place in your home or garden.
  • Wipe tepid/cool water over body and head (not freezing cold) Do not soak them.
  • Get your bunny or piggy to a vet immediately if there are no immediate signs of improvement.


I hope all these tips help.

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