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Hop Inn Newsletter – Winter 2014

Hoppy New Year to You & All Furries and the 1 None Furry – You know who you are…

Christmas at Hop Inn

It was a busy Christmas at the Inn looking after Buns and Guinea Pigs but enjoyable.  It was a lovely escape from the hustle and bustle in-house and cooking!  I’m not a fan of it but luckily Stuart is – so all is good.

I looked after Miss Christmas (really Sapphire!) for the first time the perfect festive looking rabbit.  She must have already met Santa but just thought I’d make her feel at home.  As I keep Furries in over Winter it’s nice to be able to give the Rabbits turns exploring the barn whilst I’m in there cleaning out and feeding.  I will only ever do this if I know they won’t upset anyone if they peer through the wire Huts.  It all works perfectly and helps break-up their day giving them more exercise and mental stimulation.  I have the oil heater and tent heat lamp (very safe) at one end of the barn so house buns feel the benefit.  I popped lots of straw on the stone floor which also helps.  It still looks like ‘Away in a Manger!’

Sapphire & Santa Hat

Sapphire with Santa

2013-12-24 16.56.44

Colin looking for more food 🙂

Keeping Outdoor Rabbits Warm (a recap!)


 Did you know straw is a better insulator than hay.  When your rabbit/s sits on top the hollow tubular holes are heated up by the warmth of your bun – a mini hot water bottle.  They still need plenty of fresh hay to munch on – helps keep their teeth in good order and great for their digestive system.


Cardboard boxes are another great way to keep warm as well – pop them in the hutch. The supermarkets always have different sized boxes to give away.  You can cut hole entrances – size to suit so they can hide inside away from drafts – rabbits do like to sit on top.  It also gives them something to chew and something to do.

Old throws or curtains put over half the hutch with a plastic sheet on top keeps out rain and cold winds if you don’t have a shed, barn, garage etc. to move them to. Charity shops have the throws and curtains if you don’t.

Keeping Outdoor Guinea Pigs Warm

To be honest the best place for them this time of year is inside a conservatory, barn or shed with plenty of hay and cardboard boxes. They can’t withstand the cold and the damp air just leaves the hay – well damp! Not easy to warm up in the evenings on damp hay especially if there’s no-one to cuddle up to if needs be.  DON’T use straw – it’s too harsh and as the like to try and burrow under they may poke their eyes.  Shredded newspaper is great to mix up with the hay as well. A base of Bio Catolet litter 100% recycled paper is great as a base under a layer of newspaper;  Absorbs moisture and allows air flow.

Holiday Bookings

I already have quite a few bookings for this year and I’m a little worried about the summer months.  I reached a point last year where there really was no more room at Hop Inn so I couldn’t look after quite a few Furries.  I did recommend another local lady who also looks after rabbits and guinea pigs but she was soon in the same position.  The morale of the story – don’t wait to book their Holiday too!

Thank you for choosing Hop Inn and allowing me to look after your Friends

Lisa Newton

A little up-date on Hop Inn the Tunnel and Hop Inn the Cube

In quieter moments Stuart and I have had fun selling our Hop Inn Tunnels and Cubes. Pampurred Pets in Devon who have 55 Pet Stores have just taken their first order which is all very exciting.  They are now in Kennelgate, Downtown, Trust Pets,  Petplanet, Pets Pyjamas and various other outlets – take a peek and please tell your friends – they are perfect for cats and kittens too!

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