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Bunny Boarding and Guinea Pig Boarding…

We’ve had lots of lovely Easter Bunnies and Guinea Pigs in and thankfully they’ve been inside when we’ve had the wind and rain, with piles of lovely foraged food and fresh hay.  The last few days have been perfect and they’ve all been outside catching a healthy dose of Vitamin D.



If you have already planned a holiday or thinking of one, I thought best let you know I’m fully booked from 22nd July – 1st August 🙁 I only have a few spaces left up until the 10th August!  I can recommend Emma Carr and will be happy to pass on her details if holiday dates clash, but please be mindful to the fact, she gets very busy too, so please don’t delay.


Hop Inn Up-Date

Many of you already know that we have plans to move but don’t worry, not far away, in fact 5 mins away, just the other side of Waltham on the Wolds.  The plan is to build a bespoke Rabbit & Guinea Pig Holiday Hotel on some beautiful land we’ve recently bought.  We’d love all our furry Guests to be inside with us in the evenings and on wet days and in outside runs during the day.  It would be similar to the way I run Hop Inn now but better.  We’d have larger inside Beach Themed Huts and runs too.  We will also have the space to rotate runs on to fresh grass.   The land is awash with dandelions, milk thistle, cow parsley, hawthorn, apple trees and much more.  We’re planning on growing our own Meadow Hay; this will be perfect for the Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and wildlife too.

Some of you may be thrilled to know they’d be no trouble parking as access in and out is fabulous.



 You may not know but after 64 years DEFRA (and at last) are going to up-date rules and regulations on all boarding facilities from Pet Shops to all Boarding establishments.  It would be great to set the standard v/high with Rabbit & Guinea Pig Boarding.

Thank you again for your support over the years and look forward to seeing you in 2016.


Lisa Newton

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