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Hop Inn Newsletter March 2020

22nd March, 2020


Hop Inn NEWS Rabbit and Guinea Boarding January 2019

30th January, 2019

Hop Inn NEWS Rabbit and Guinea Pig Boarding January 2019

The Dangers of Wood Shavings for Your Pets

26th June, 2018

The Dangers of Wood Shavings for Your Pets This article is definitely worth a read.  It is a link to the House Rabbit Society’s website.  They are based in the USA and are a non profit rescue and educational society. I always feel it’s best to be informed.   There are great alternatives out there…

The Rabbit Welfare (RWFA) wins fight to stop plans for breeding unit

11th March, 2017

The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund wins fight to stop plans for breeding unit The RWFA is thrilled after plans to build a rabbit breeding unit in Lincolnshire have been rejected – we all are 🙂 The RWFA spent hundreds of pounds seeking expert advice to put together a watertight case against the application. An… View Article

‘Hop Inn’ Newsletter February 2017

24th February, 2017

Hop Inn on BBC Radio Leicester

20th September, 2016

I met Jonathan Lampon a few months ago and what a great fella.  It was like being with an old friend……. They’ve missed RABBITS out in the title but they are totally forgiven 🙂  

NEW Giant Rabbit Hideout Shelter – Fun Dog House too

25th August, 2016

NEW Giant Rabbit Hideout Shelter or Fun Dog House  What makes our Boxes different? Our rabbit box is a sensible size for 1 or 2 Giant Rabbits and there is room on top for a watch tower too. They’re screwed together using tough plastic brackets, not glued – built to last. They come ready made… View Article

Luxury Hand-Made Soya Candles – Safe for your Pets and You :-)

10th July, 2016

Bunny Love… We’ve commissioned AWOW to produce a range of  Pet Friendly candles. 10% of all sales proceeds will be donated to the Rabbit Welfare Fund & Association (RWFA). AWOW is a Trusty Friend 🙂  Please pass it on – they make fantastic gifts… For more information please visit: The Candles are 100% Natural Soya Wax; Hand… View Article

Indoor and Outdoor Rabbit Alert Please Read and Take Advice from Your Vet

30th June, 2016

Indoor and Outdoor Rabbit Alert for RVHD1 and 2 and Myxomatosis Very kindly sent to all supporting members of the Rabbit Welfare and Fund Association. The RWFA is a valuable source of information and as a member you will receive the excellent quarterly Rabbiting-On magazine.

Bunny Boarding and Guinea Pig Boarding – Newsletter March 2016

31st March, 2016

Bunny Boarding and Guinea Pig Boarding… We’ve had lots of lovely Easter Bunnies and Guinea Pigs in and thankfully they’ve been inside when we’ve had the wind and rain, with piles of lovely foraged food and fresh hay.  The last few days have been perfect and they’ve all been outside catching a healthy dose of… View Article

Keeping Outdoor Bunny Rabbits Warm

18th February, 2016

Keeping Outdoor Bunny Rabbits Warm Straw – Did you know straw is a better insulator than hay. When your rabbit sits on top, the hollow tubular holes are heated up by the warmth of your bunny – a mini hot water bottle. I always pop plenty of newspaper down as the first layer another great insulator…. View Article

How to Keep Your Bunny Rabbits and Guinea Pigs Cool in the Summer

15th July, 2015

Please make sure your pets have shade, as heat can kill.  We have a South facing garden, so over the years I have worked out the best way for me to keep them cool. Plenty of fresh water must be available. For both bunnies and piggies I always put bowls and bottles in the runs…. View Article

Hop Inn News Letter January 2015

1st February, 2015

Hop Inn News Letter 2015

HOP INN Newsletter – January 2014

3rd February, 2014

Hop Inn Newsletter – Winter 2014 Hoppy New Year to You & All Furries and the 1 None Furry – You know who you are… Christmas at Hop Inn It was a busy Christmas at the Inn looking after Buns and Guinea Pigs but enjoyable.  It was a lovely escape from the hustle and bustle… View Article

Hop Inn the History

4th October, 2013

THE START Christmas December 2010 me and the husband where with close friends (having a fun lunch) chatting about what to do on the work front. I was an unemployed mother with two beautiful girls who were now a little older and I wanted to do something – but what?! In the heart of the… View Article

The Dangers of Soft Wood Shavings for Rabbits

28th June, 2013

I read this article which is a MUST read for all rabbit owners who use soft wood shaving either in their litter tray or hutch.   The Dangers of Softwood Shavings  George Flentke, Ph.D. The Dangers of Soft Wood Shavings for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs    The use of pine and cedar as litter for… View Article

Rabbit Welfare Advice and Help at Downtown A1 Grantham Lincs

24th May, 2013

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare Advice at Downtown A1 Grantham Lincs this         BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY I am delighted to say that I will be taking our own Rabbits Arthur and Quinn to Downtown on Bank Holiday Monday in their Pet Store and giving any advice on the care and well-being of… View Article

Hop Inn at London Pet Show May 2013

16th May, 2013

HOP INN at the London Pet Show Earls Court May 2013   Sadly the flash decided not to work on the camera! THE PET SHOW Stuart and I had a fantastic time at the London Pet Show and we would like to thank everyone for taking time to visit our stand and buy our Hop Inn Tunnels… View Article

Rabbit Care Blog from Hop Inn Rabbit Boarding Retreat

12th April, 2013

RABBIT CARE Summer and Sticky Bottoms Now I have a blog I am delighted I will be able to passed on helpful tips to Rabbit Owners.  Some of the obvious rabbit care problems pop up on a regular basis so I have decided to address these 1st. AN EASY WAY TO CLEAN YOUR RABBIT AND… View Article