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Keeping Outdoor Bunny Rabbits Warm

18th February, 2016

Keeping Outdoor Bunny Rabbits Warm

Straw – Did you know straw is a better insulator than hay. When your rabbit sits on top, the hollow tubular holes are heated up by the warmth of your bunny – a mini hot water bottle. I always pop plenty of newspaper down as the first layer another great insulator.  They still need plenty of fresh hay to munch on it helps keep their teeth in good order and great for their digestive system.

Cardboard boxes are another great way to keep warm as well – pop them in the hutch. It also gives them something to chew and something to do.

Old throws or curtains put over half the hutch with a plastic sheet on top keeps out rain and cold winds if you don’t have a shed, barn, garage etc., to move them into. Charity shops are a good source of old throws and curtains.

An only Rabbit is a Lonely Rabbit so it’s always great to have two – a Male (Buck) and a female (Doe) are really the best match although brothers together or sisters together can work and being neutered or spayed should be a must.  If you rescue a Bunny Rabbit you often find they are already done – perfect all round.  Keeping warm will be much easier with two snuggled-up!