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NEW Giant Rabbit Hideout Shelter – Fun Dog House too

25th August, 2016

NEW Giant Rabbit Hideout Shelter or Fun Dog House 

What makes our Boxes different?

Our rabbit box is a sensible size for 1 or 2 Giant Rabbits and there is room on top for a watch tower too.

They’re screwed together using tough plastic brackets, not glued – built to last.

They come ready made so no need to find a screw driver or any dropped screws!

Pet friendly water resistant stains for indoor or outdoor use.

Is it a Tunnel, Tube, Hideout, Watch Tower, Sleeping Quarters or a route to something higher?

We think it can be all of the above!

Dimensions: The Hideout is  84 cm Long x 38 cm Wide x 38 cm Wide OR  33″ L x 15″ W x 15″ H.  (It’s nearly 3 rulers long – BIG!)

Entrances at the front and side 30 cm High x 23 cm Wide OR 11 3/4″ H x 9 3/4″ W


We think this is a fun Dog House too for the smaller variety – Jack Russell’s, Yorkies, Pugs & Jugs….