Due to rising costs we have unfortunately had to curtail Free Shipping

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Boarding Tariffs

As from 1st March 2017

Bunny£6.50 per day   or  a couple/friends – £8.50 per day (sharing)

Giant Bunnies – £8.50/day  or  a couple/friends – £12/day (sharing)

Guinea Pig £3.50 per day or a couple/friends – £5.50 per day (sharing) – plus 1 extra friend sharing £6.00 per day (3 piggies).

Price includes plenty of bedding, delicious fresh hay, freshly picked grasses, dandelions (seasonal), cow parsley sticky bud, clover, milk thistles (seasonal), hazel branch etc.

In the Winter if it’s frosty or snow covered then Curly Kale, Greens, Celery etc. are provided 🙂

Water Bottles & Bowls Provided


Please just call or send an e-mail with dates you may need.

Cash or cheque to be paid on arrival – If your furry friend goes home before 12 on the day of home time there is no extra cost for that day.