Currrently Closed for Boarding - Apologies

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Accommodation

  • Secure Housing in Our Beautiful Barn
  • Spacious, Clean, Secure Hutches & outdoor Runs for all guests
  • Fresh Meadow Hay, Herbs, Vegetables, Water & Bedding.  I also forage everyday for their greens picking; Grasses, Cow Parsley, Dandelions, Sticky Bud, Sow Thistle and much more
  • I never use any herbicides or pesticides in our Garden.  I even pick the weeds out the gravel one-by-one!  Our neighbour thinks I’d mad – I think it’s the other way round 🙂 !
  • Hutches Steam Cleaned after Each Guest

Grass and grass seeds are tasty and high in fibre, great for wearing down their teeth (that grow 3-5 inches annually) and the rabbit’s digestion system has been perfected to digest it!   It’s a naturally healthy option 


Rabbit Accommodation

7ft x 4ft & 7ft x 3ft with upstairs facilities so if its raining or just generally horrid weather outside they still have great space to exercise and play indoors. Tunnels, Cubes or Boxes in-house.

for Giants

We have great spaces so are able to look after giants.

Approx. 9ft x 4ft hutch, 6ft x 4ft on 2 great levels & 8ft x 6ft also on 2 great levels.

Outside runs for during the day approx. 14ft x 6ft

Guinea Pig Accommodation

3ft x 2½ft & 5ft x 2½ft hidey boxes to snuggle in to.



Hop Inn Rabbit Holidays


Outdoor runs so they have a change of scenery and can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Tunnels, toys and shade given on hot days. Water bowls for the Rabbits as well as bottles so they can have a good drink.

Health & Hygiene

It is important you bring your own dried rabbit food, unless your rabbit/s are given Burgess Excel or Science Selective which I always have in for my own rabbits.   I am very happy to share.


I’m a stickler for making sure rabbits & guinea pigs are all happy, healthy & in a clean environment.

Rabbits prone to ‘sticky bottoms’ are checked  twice daily and cleaned.  I use unscented baby wipes or soft cloth with salt water.  I dry off and pop Sudocrem on to the area.  This acts as a barrier and will heal any sore patches, due to the zinc content.

GI STATIS – If a Rabbit should stop eating – It’s a killer!  

Rabbits usually stop eating for the following reasons:- Spurs on teeth, upset stomach (gas), shock.  They could also been underlying medical problems, but usually this would become apparent before they stopped eating.

Rabbits need space/room to exercise for their health and wellbeing.

Guinea Pigs are usually far less complicated, but I do complicated if they need special care.

It is advised by the Rabbit Welfare Association your Rabbit is vaccinated against Myxomatosis & VHD (Viral Haemorrhagic Disease). Please speak to your vet or call me with any queries or questions as always happy to help.

It is important that both Rabbits & Guinea Pigs are in good health on arrival. If your Pet is special needs I am happy to care for them.

I am always happy to look after Pets that are on medication or recovering from an operation as long as they have nothing that is contagious.

I will need to complete a Visitors Contact & Information form either prior to or on arrival & a consent form signed in the unlikely event of needing to take your pet to our vets.

Jess and Pengi