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Rabbit Boarding and Guinea Pig Boarding in Leicestershire


‘Giving Your Pet the Time & Care They Deserve’

A warm and friendly family Holiday Retreat for your Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. With a wealth of experience and an incurable love of animals, you can be sure your pet will have the best care and attention while they holiday too.

We have lived in Stonesby Nr Melton Mowbray for 19 years and I know all the clean great places to pick milk thistles, dandelions, cow parsley, chick weed, sticky bud and much more.

All rabbits need space and boredom breakers which I provide here – in fact I had them made specially. 

Rabbits and guinea pigs have large hutches inside our barns for the evenings/wet days/winter and their own outside runs during the day.  This  has worked perfectly for the past 8 years.  It keeps them entertained and busy.  Our runs are all different shapes and sizes so if they are here for a longer stay they get to explore different areas outside.

We have clover, dandelions, doc, platinum and more sewn into the lawn.  Grasses and weeds are high in fibre, great for wearing down teeth, tasty, and the rabbits and guinea pigs digestive system has been perfected to digest it!

Guinea pigs will chew instinctively, meaning they wont generally stop eating!  The lawn is perfect for grazing without turning into a telly tubby 🙂  Tomatoes, radishes, peppers, broccoli etc. given for that very important Vit C.

If you fancy a look round and a chat, please feel Very Welcome to visit

You can call last minute to pop over – I’m never far away!


VETS:  If you are stuck for a Specialist Vet I can recommend Craig Hunt at Chine House, Sileby.  He Specialises in Reptiles, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs….

We’re avid Supporters of the   who work tirelessly to make the lives of Rabbits better.

Their ‘Rabbiting-On’ quarterly magazine is excellent, informative and great value all round



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