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Pet Play Tunnels

Toys for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Cats, Kittens & Small Dogs

What makes our  Tunnels different?

We think our pet play tunnels are a great size and design.  It’s like having 2 Tunnels for the price of 1!

They’ve been designed for the larger Rabbit, Cat or a Small Dog too – It’s like one size fits all.

If they’re used outside they won’t blow away in the wind! You have the option of pegging them to the ground. Even without securing them to the ground they won’t blow away in a breeze – how refreshing!

We’ve used strong quality material and had it tested and Certified Tear Resistant. We’ve also had them Approved by Head of Trading Standards. “We didn’t have to, we wanted to…”

Who are they for?

Rabbits even giant rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Kittens, Cats even large cats & Small Dogs too up to 8″ or 20 cm to the shoulder.

Why buy them?

Interactive Toys for Rabbits are incredibly important.  They will make them feel great and give them a zest for life.  They’re clever and need to have forms of entertainment just like children.

Guinea Pig Tunnel/Hideout is very important for the little piggies.  I pop hay inside of ours and they love it.  It’s somewhere to hide, somewhere to sleep and suitable for up to three Guinea Pigs as each have their own leg of the Tunnel if they fancy their own space!  It’s large so you do need a good size run.

Cats that love to play love anything they can hide in, run about in, climb up, climb on and the list goes on for these little furballs. Because the Tunnel is Tear Resistant it’s a great cat toy  that’s made to last.

Small Dogs Almost afraid to type this!  Little dogs that like to chase wild wabbits and things & bomb about (often the Jack Russell/Terriers of this World) will probably like the Tunnel but you’ll know best!