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Rabbit and Guinea Pig Hideaways

What makes our Hideout different?

Our rabbit shelter is a sensible size for 1 or 2 Rabbits or a Cat, whilst the guinea pig box will accommodate two guinea pigs, it’s far too small for a cat.

Room on top and inside.

They’re screwed together not glued – built to last.

They come ready made so no need to find a screw driver or any dropped screws! Pet friendly water resistant stains for indoor or outdoor use.

Is it a Tunnel, Tube, Hideout, Watch Tower, Sleeping Quarters or a route to something higher?

We think it can be all of the above!

The rabbit hideout is 24″ length x 12″ deep x 10″ high. Entrances at the front and side 8″ diameter.

The guinea pig house is 16″ length x 8″ deep x 7″ high.  Entrance arches at the front and side.

All Rabbits and Guinea Pigs need to have somewhere to hide, keep a watchful eye, sleep and feel safe.  It also helps having more than one hole to whiz in and out of.  We’re just here to help them have the things they enjoy and provide somewhere for your pet to feel safe.

Cats that love to play, love the boxes, bags, cupboards, chimneys!, the list is long…  We’ve just made another fun place for them to play.


for Rabbits and Cats to enjoy £33.00  and for Guinea Pigs to enjoy £21.00


I’ve COMPLETELY overlooked a Review Page on our Website  

5 ***** Star Reviews on Amazon 

Hop Inn Cat Hideaway Rabbit Hideaway Tunnel Indoor or Outdoor LARGE Own Design – Built to Last – Ready Made (Oak)


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