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Pet Play Cubes

Pet Play Cubes, Toys for Rabbits, Cats, Kittens & Chickens

What makes our Fabric Cubes different?

The main thing is the strong material & frame which we think is the most important.

You can secure the Cubes to the ground if used outdoors.  We’ve added strong loops to the bottom.  We didn’t want them to blow away in a breeze!

We’ve used strong quality material and had it tested and Certified Tear Resistant.  We’ve also had them Approved by Head of Trading Standards.  “We didn’t have to, we wanted to…

Rabbits love these as they have the 3 bolt holes to escape. It’s more of a natural environment. They love to snooze in here too.

” Sadly they’re not chew proof but please can someone tell me what is?  On the bright side – not all rabbits chew.  A layer of newspaper and some lovely hay is great for outside or something of your choice.

Cats & Kittens love to zorb and can safely and happily do this until their hearts content. They love to nap in here as well.

Chickens can have this as a dust bath or it’s somewhere to pop grit in or leftover food.  We just thought it’s a bit of fun for the garden.

Dimensions: 16″ Square Holes 8″ or 41 cm Square Holes 21 cm

NB. for Guinea Pigs not really suitable as a stand alone Cube.  There is nowhere great to hide when they’ve squashed down the hay and if older jumping up may be a problem. Although I can confess to looking after lots of piggies that jump high even our own!


New for 2018 – Wooden Cube version


As of July 2018 we’ve launched a wooden version of our cube, slightly larger at 18″ all round with an 8″ hole on three sides.  If sales pick up on this we’ll look at it being a permanent fixture in our sales for the future.  It comes in three colours, Oak, Sage and Natural (same as our rabbit and guinea pig hideaways). 



green cube