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A Little Bit About Us

We’re a fun, family cottage business.

We’ve had our own Rabbits & Guinea Pigs for the past 16 years and we have our own lovable Arthur Bear (12 yrs, blind but fit and healthy) Mr Molly & Jess who really needed a secure loving home and Henry & Harvey who I couldn’t help but rescue & again witty funny Pebble.  I said no more after my Arthur but their need was greater…

In 2011 I started Hop Inn our beautiful Rabbit and Guinea Pig Holiday Retreat.  It’s a warm friendly Holiday Home for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.  With a wealth of experience and an incurable love of animals, I couldn’t resist.

I bought large chicken coops for the rabbits and rabbit hutches for the guinea pigs for indoors, night-time and bad weather and large runs for outside too.

This is our 5th Year running Hop Inn and we have some very exciting plans in the making.  We would love to have a proper Holiday Hotel for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs and make everyone’s stay even better, come rain or shine.  A move is planned and we’re keeping our fingers very crossed everything works out.



‘Hop Inn’ Tunnels, Cubes and Shelters

I bought various Cubes and Tunnels for the Rabbits and Guinea Pigs when I started ‘Hop Inn’ but they were either too small (one size didn’t fit all) or just a bit too flimsy (blew away in a breeze), so in quieter moments we designed our own.   They’ve been brilliant for our guests; my favourite being the Tunnel and Cube combo, only because I can use them together or separately for a refreshing change.  There’s no denying it, the Bunnies and Piggies love our Shelters too but that’s because they have played their part in trying designs out before we made them.

I hope you like what you see… Lisa, Stuart, Thea & Tay


Hop Inn 15